Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween:Episode II

We had a great Halloween night. We had a neighborhood appetizer party and then went around our lake where they had a huge bouncey house, food and music. Gavin was so happy to be out and about and getting lots of attention. We were out walking around for so long that we missed all the trick or treaters. I have two huge bags of candy left. Already today, I have had about ten boxes of nerds. Here's some pics from our night out. Enjoy.

Halloween: Episode I

Here we are at our ward party the night before Halloween. I couldn't get my buns right on my Leah wig ( we were running late, shocker), so I had to go as Luke and Jared went as Anakin. It was fun because we were able to use our light sabers. Yes, we have two. The real ones. Don't ask.

Defending Chewy.

I'm thinking of going blonde. I had a great time! Maybe they do have more fun.

Cutest little Chewbacca!