Sunday, September 6, 2009

Getting Big

I can't believe that Gavin is almost ten months old! He's getting so big! He loves to pull himself up and walk from ottoman to ottoman. It's so cute. He's so quick and we've been staying in shape by chasing him around and just trying to keep him from hurting himself. His new thing this week is to pull ALL the toilet paper off the roll in the bathrooms. He thinks it's so funny. He also has started to bite and it is not soft. He has six teeth and when he bites down you feel all of them. Last night I was sitting in our living room with my legs up on the ottoman and he walked over and bit down on my leg, I yelped ouch and when he looked up he started to laugh. It was hard not to laugh with him, but I think it's time to start teaching him not to bite. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Enjoy the new pics and I will try to be better at updating our blog. Dee and Mary are coming this week and we'll have more pictures after their visit. We can't wait for them to come.