Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bikes and Slides

We love to go biking and hit up all the parks in the neighborhood. Gavin loves to ride and when he sees the park he starts to squeal with delight. It's so cute. He's so much fun. One of the great things about Dallas is that we can go to the park all year long.

We love to ride our bicycle! (Queen)

How cute is this picture?

Such a big boy.

I loved this picture so much that I put it in twice.

Gavin turns One!

We had the best time at Gavin's first birthday party! Grandma Judy came in town and helped plan the big event. We had the party at the gazebo in front of our lake by our house and it turned out really fun! My friend Connie who is an awesome pastry chef made the best cake (pictures to follow, our camera ran out of batteries, grandma Judy took most of the pictures and will send us a disc, so I can add the rest of the party pictures later) We did a giraffe and jungle theme and went nuts with decorating, games, food, and a really fun time. I invited everyone and I mean everyone and we had about 45 people at his party. His primary nurse from the NICU came and it really touched my heart that she would take time to come and wish him a happy birthday. Thanks to her and all the physicians, respiratory therapists and staff at Parkland we were able to celebrate this special day.

We felt so blessed to have this day and have already started planning next years party. I'm thinking bouncy house. Here's a couple of pics from his day.

Here's us at the start of the party. Right before the camera died. Oh well we know for next year to charge the camera the night before.

We worked on how old are you. I'm ONE! This is the silly town that has been hours of enjoyment for this little guy. I recommend this for anyone. He loves it! Thanks Johnson Family!