Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Month........

Okay, so we broke down and started a blog(with help from Megan!). We're excited to share pictures and thoughts with you all and hope we can maintain it.

Lately, we've been getting the house ready for baby Gavin(that's the name of the month), to enter the world, and our lives. We're getting so excited! We have 5 more weeks!!!! We can hardly wait! I'm still teaching all my spin and water aerobic classes and joke with the members that maybe one day soon my water will break while I'm on the spin bike. I think it's funny, Jared thinks it's scary, and the members probably think it's weird, but I'm still going strong and they keep asking me to put off my maternity leave and stay a bit longer, so we'll see how long I keep going. Jared is back on OMFS and busy with call, surgeries, and the clinic. He's been getting great exposure to everything (I mean it! He sees the weirdest stuff!). He's has a month back on service and then he'll start neuro. It's an exciting time for him and he keeps getting great evaluations. Last month he was on psych and at the end in his evaluation they commented that having Jared on their service was not like having a student, but a colleague. I'm very proud of him.

The state fair is here and we're going to try and check it out this weekend. How could we pass up deep fried twinkies, corn dogs, ferris wheels, and cattle contests? Hopefully, we'll remember to take a camera and post some pictures.

We miss you all and can't wait to see you during the holidays!