Friday, October 9, 2009

Cousin Love

We had such a great time visiting Missouri and spending time with Josh, Melissa, Lucie, and sweet baby Jane. It was such a beautiful time to be there. We also got some great pictures done by Angelique (a local photographer). The babies had a really fun time together. They especially liked to swap pacifiers. I would look at Jane and she'd have a blue paci in her mouth and Gavin would have Jane's green paci in his mouth. Oh well, just building their immunity, right?

First Haircut

We went to visit Melissa in Missouri and while we were there we had pictures done, so Gavin got his first haircut. He sat all by himself and was really good.

The final look

He had a great time being the center of attention.

He's so fun and loves his cousin Lucie.

Gavin gives the finger

Gavin is very dexterous. He loves to touch things with just his index finger. It's really funny. Also, if you put your finger out in front of him he'll grab it and then put his finger to yours. It's so cute. I often look down and he's stroking his giraffe lovey with just his index finger. I love it.

Here's the "cool" guy

We loved this outfit and thought Gavin looked so cool. He's so fun and his little personality is really coming out.